Quick ID Verification: Know who you do business with. Check am.

Protect your business from fraud and Identity theft in one quick step.

Simple ID verification for swift customer on-boarding. Seamless API integration to build, confirm and monitor a data source of government-validated identities.

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Power trust wherever & however your
customers choose to transact.
Checkam Risk

Save time and avoid human-errors. Collect accurate customer data when you use Checkams’ automated solutions.

Checkam Growth

Whether you are verifying 100 or 1 million users, the experience should be quick, easy and secure. That’s why our KYC tools are seamless and built to scale.

Checkam Compliance

Use simple and effective ways to comply with KYC mandates. Confidently defend your business when you need to, without breaking the bank.

Checkam Experience

Our solutions give you the assurance and the flexibility to address easily developing fraud and regulations even before they come up.


Get Started

Verify your customers' from a database of 50 million National ID Numbers (NIN).

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Customer Validation

Keep track of your customer data. Identify them by their name and age.

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Avoid fraud & Identity theft in your business.

Find out how you can get faster results when you verify your users with just their phone numbers.
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Improve onboarding KYC and KYB accuracy.
Do business with trusted customers.


Identity Verification

Cut down on customer onboarding costs and the time it takes for identification/verification. Improve customer experience.

Using checkam’s identity verification system can reduce the risk of human error in identifying and verifying your customer’s identity.

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You need to know if the right people are using your service and that they' re not claiming someone else's identity.

Because, as your business keeps growing and adding new services, you need to re-verify documents and re-validate your customers identity to maintain security.

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Age Verification

Get the assurance that you're delivering your services to the right people for age checks that satisfy regulatory requirements without affecting the user experience.

Our approach minimises data to protect user privacy. You can receive just an “over” or “under” age, in line with your requirements.

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Fraud Prevention

Use a strong fraud prevention program for your investors and business partners to have more confidence in your business.

Save the cost of fraud risks. Protect your business reputation and finance.

Increase the confidence in your organisation when you use checkam fraud prevention solutions.

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Business Verification

Checkam KYB checks can help you determine whether the business you are dealing with is legit or just a shell company that is present on papers.

Know Your Business (KYB) is the due diligence review of the business industry. It allows you to develop policies and assess suspicious activities or transactions.

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