Get the compliance tools & flexibility you need to onboard users swiftly.

We establish trust in seconds anywhere your customers want to transact by fighting fraud and fast-tracking trusted identities so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Get better and more accurate KYC & KYB procedures to improve your customer onboarding experience and reduce fraudulent activities.

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All the identity verifications you need in one place
Checkam Simple

A smooth identity verification process that’s customer-friendly

Checkam Accurate

Avoid manual data entry methods that are prone to errors.

Checkam Configurable

Are you building a product? Integrate our API easily.


Document and biometric verification

With user convenience in mind checkam allows you verify if a person is real by identifying a tangible, real-world trait through a facial recognition system.

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Data verification

Checkam offers the most recent document verification solution, allowing you to check your customers' identities using only their phone numbers—getting their full name, age, and address.

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Search and verify anyone or business

Quickly verify that a person or business is who they claim to be by searching and confirming the customer’s ID with their phone number or the business' details. Avoid the risk of making fraudulent online transactions.

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Avoid fraud & Identity theft in your business.

Find out how you can get faster results when you verify your users with just their phone numbers.
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