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Goal: Fraud prevention, customer validation

Industry: Hospitality, Entertainment

Country: Nigeria

Region: Lagos

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The events industry now encompasses events of all sizes, from major sporting events to business breakfast meetings. A wide range of companies, famous people, charities, and interest groups use this channel to market their products, establish business relationships, raise money, or celebrate achievements.

One constant thing, whether your company designs and develops for small-scale, medium-sized, or large-scale private or corporate events like festivals, conferences, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions, is security.

And while it is your responsibility as the event host to ensure the safety of your attendees, event security is frequently the last aspect that event planners consider.

There is too much at stake for event security to be taken lightly, and disaster preparedness is just as crucial.


The error in comparing registration information to IDs, as well as the manual collection of many data points, including names, dates of birth, and addresses, can make it easy for an intruder to assume someone's identity.

Inadequate screening of staff is especially important for companies that might operate in an industry that has politically charged opponents because, sadly, many security risks come from the inside—verify the background of every employee you have.


The main goal of security isn't to respond to threats. The aim is to stop threats before they start, and the only way to do that is to use the practical and user-friendly security solutions that Checkam offers.


You can't eliminate all event security risks, but you can reduce their likelihood, minimize the chance of harm to your guests, and discourage agitators from causing trouble. Host a safe event for your guests.

Avoid fraud & Identity theft in your business.

Find out how you can get faster results when you verify your users with just their phone numbers.
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