Enhanced authenticity, security, and efficiency in identifying fraud.

Goal: Onboarding, Fraud detection and Prevention

Industry: General Security

Country: Nigeria

Region: Lagos

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There is no way to overstate the effects of Nigeria's security situation on a company's operations. Production, marketing, finances, and human resources (H/R) are just a few examples of the operations that could be affected. It could also affect the entire business organization.

The ability to recognize potential threats and prepare an appropriate response is one of the primary duties of national security.


In Nigeria, rising insecurity is the order of the day. No day passes without reports of kidnapping, banditry, robbery, murder, and wanton killings. As a nation, we continue to witness unprecedented insecurities. Our system seems to be very poor in both personnel and equipment.

Weak security systems attribute to a variety of factors, such as corruption, inadequate funding, a lack of modern equipment, poor safety personnel's health, and insufficient staff, among others.


We offer solutions for ID verification, age verification, re-verification, fraud prevention, business verification, document and biometric verification, and data verification. Checkam offers you complete. identification on a single platform to lower security risks in your workplace and the surrounding area.

By identifying high-risk or malicious customers, Checkam enables you to protect your company from fraudulent customers. We assist you in maintaining compliance and self-assurance in your capacity to defend yourself in front of law enforcement. By using a straightforward phone number to confirm user NIN information, we close the gap in identity-related fraud involving customers.


Besides shielding people from fraud, a safe society can reduce financial losses for businesses, boost employee morale, and increase turnover, productivity, and quality. Security benefits businesses. Plus, protecting society is the right thing to do.

Avoid fraud & Identity theft in your business.

Find out how you can get faster results when you verify your users with just their phone numbers.
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