Maintain and improve your reputation by quickly spotting and stopping fraudsters.

Goal: Rapid onboarding, Fraud detection and Prevention

Industry: Ecommerce and retail stores

Country: Nigeria

Region: Lagos

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As a small business owner, you must divide your attention between a variety of tasks, with security ranking as one of the most crucial.But, how can you better protect your company, your employees, and everything you've built in the face of fraudsters and online criminals who target small businesses?

If your small business experiences a data breach, it may undermine employee and customer confidence, leading them to switch to a more recognizable brand name they believe will do a better job of safeguarding their data.

If you can' t afford to lose time or money to scammers and compromise, find out how we can protect your customers' data, help you avoid scams, and maintain the security of your financial position because the issue is not if you will have this problem, but when.


Most likely, identity fraud, difficult onboarding, a costly compliance process, high-risk transactions, and a bad user experience are threats to small businesses like the one you run.

We've noted some potential security issues that your company might experience; now let's show you how Checkam can help your company avoid all of them with quick and easy fixes.


By using just their phone numbers to verify customers, Checkam gives your company access to all the ID verification solutions it needs to quickly onboard new customers.

And if you have age restrictions that you must follow, Checkam enables you to confirm the age of your customers by connecting their phone numbers to their NIN information.You can find out a person's full name, age, address, and employment history.

Checkam provides you with access to a seamless API integration to create, validate, and track a database of over 50 million National Identification Numbers (NIN).


We automate Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, including Video KYC, which are often manual and time-consuming, to quickly identify good customers versus the bad actors you want to avoid.

No matter how and wherever your customer chooses to transact—in-branch, at self-service kiosks, online, or through mobile apps—Checkam makes identity verification simple and affordable while offering an outstanding customer experience.

In this environment of escalating fraud, regulation, and competition, we offer you top-notch solutions that enable you to succeed.

Avoid fraud & Identity theft in your business.

Find out how you can get faster results when you verify your users with just their phone numbers.
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